About the author


My name is Snowy! I am a computer programmer, and I also sometimes mod video games, too! I've made mods and modding tools for games, but I am most notable for my Halo: Combat Evolved (PC) mods and modding tools. I've also worked on some open source projects, myself! Maybe check out my GitHub account if you've got time.

I value personal freedom, and I will certainly not shy away from stating this fact here. Here I provide commentary on current events (related to freedom, open source, and maybe some miscellaneous things), review products, and maybe talk about my life here and there.

Our world is ever-changing. Technology is constantly evolving. Many tasks that were once considered very difficult or even impossible are now are our fingertips. Really, there are many exciting things to both learn and talk about.

Concurrently, our freedom is also being attacked in the name of convenience. Most people aren't even aware of this, and many who are aware do not care about this. After all, what is a little invasion of privacy if it makes our lives more convenient? What's a little bit of freedom matter if not having it means we can do something more streamlined and efficient? Yeah, those questions. I also want to talk about that here, as I feel these are things people should think more carefully on before giving up any sort of personal freedoms or rights in the name of convenience.